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Arkansas Militia

The Arkansas Defense Force is a statewide organization made up of citizen volunteers of the state of Arkansas. We are a constitutional militia with a focus on mutual support, readiness, and preservation of our freedoms. We are also the oldest militia in Arkansas in several decades, having been founded in 2007. Of all the similiar type of groups on Facebook, we are the most liked and followed, have the greatest community involvement, we are not listed as either a hate group or antigovernment organization with the Southern Poverty Law Center and are defined as a legal organization with the FBI.

We are the first and only of our kind in Arkansas that is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization and the founding member of the American Defense Forces Coalition. We donate nearly all of our received contributions to several agencies and community groups to assist with Arkansans in need.

We encourage the entire family to participate with the additonal group within the ADF - the ADF Youth Auxiliary and Spouses of the ADF. No matter your age or skills, there is a place for you and your entire family in the ADF.

The Mission Statement of the Arkansas Defense Force

The mission of the Arkansas Defense Force is to support ADF members and Arkansans while defending the Constitution of the State of Arkansas and the Constitution of the United States of America, to uphold and to defend the Bill of Rights, seen as inalienable, and given by our creator to free men that they may remain free, support the County Sheriff's Department and local law enforcement so long as the support is lawful, insure that all citizens - regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, physical characteristics, or national origin - shall have the right and opportunity to due process of the law as established and guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Arkansas.

We hold elections for officer positions every October and confirm those elected at the October statewide muster. All members have a vote and a voice in this organization and there is a concise grievance redress system for those that feel they have been wronged in connection with their membership.

mmAbout our Insignia

The patch of the Arkansas Defense Force is a diamond shaped to note Arkansas unique status as a diamond producing state. There are 25 stars along the outer edge to identify Arkansas entry into the union as the 25th State. Inside the patch there are a crossed AR15 and a Bowie knife. The Bowie knife (an Arkansas original) and the AR15 (the primary rifle choice of modern Patriots) crossed with blade and barrel upwards identifies that we are ready to defend our state and it's citizens if needed. Finally there are four stars within the center of the patch which denote the four nations Arkansas has been a part of; Spain, France, The Confederacy and The United States.


You can download our Bylaws here.

Code of Conduct

Before you join the Arkansas Defense Force, we ask that you read and become familiar with our rules.  The Arkansas Defense Force is a responsible community devoted to the people of Arkansas who stand against its enemies, and benefit and protect the citizens of Arkansas. We are also devoted to providing a voice and a learning source for the modern citizen soldier.

The Arkansas Defense Force is not an anti-government site nor an anarchy, terrorist, or bomb site.  We resolve to achieve constitutionalism, individual rights, limited government, the very principles upon which this nation was founded.  Our hope is to see the government restored to its original constitutional form.

We oppose the following:

  • Socialism, Fascism, Communism, corruption in government, the New World Order - in other words, the philosophies of all tyrannies.
  • The federalization and militarization of our local police.
  • The forces of tyranny threatening our unalienable rights of life, liberty, and property.

We firmly support the inalienable Rights of We the People, including the Rights of Life, Liberty and Property and the Right to resist tyranny and the usurpation of constitutionally delegated powers as enumerated in the Declaration of Independence, equal opportunity for all and special privilege for none.

Racism has no place in the Arkansas Defense Force.  All are created equal here and you must respect your fellow members.  Slurs, baiting another member, antagonizing, disrespect, or demeaning another member are grounds for immediate termination of your membership.

We DO NOT advocate the violent overthrow of the state of Arkansas or the United States Government.
We DO NOT advocate the use of force offensively when no hostilities are in effect.

We DO pledge our lives, honor, and fortunes to ensure that our State lives on forever in freedom.

It is the duty of every Defense Force member to help recruit more members.  Talk with friends, call talk radio, promote on the internet, do whatever you can to get the word out and let people know we are here for them. Look for community events that we can participate in.

You will be discharged for:

  • Advocating any illegal activity.
  • Advocating first strike military action of any kind
  • A call to arms without Command Staff approval
  • Violating any of the rules previously stated
  • Treating an Arkansas citizen with disrespect, threatening remarks, intimidation, or assault of any kind
  • Possession or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs at an ADF sanctioned event to include musters, training, recruiting events, public outreach or support activities, or any venue in which such behavior is normally deemed inappropriate.

If you ever hear someone say something to you or you overhear someone saying any of the following, you must report it immediately to your Chain of Command:

  • Members making racial slurs
  • Members suggesting usurping the lawfully elected Officers of the ADF
  • Members discussing or planning the illegal use of explosives.
  • Members discussing or planning any kind of assassination
  • Members calling for violence when no defensive action is proper
  • Members suggesting attacking local, county or state law enforcement or federal agents or their headquarters or other buildings
  • Members suggesting overthrowing local, state, or federal government
  • Members attempting to create division by attempting to divide the organization or an associated group along racial, religious or political lines


The Arkansas Defense Force is organized in the standard continental manner, that is there is a Command and Staff and Battalions, within which are Companies which in turn contain Platoons. A difference in the ADF is that there are three predominate divisions within the force structure. They are the Operations, Support and Information Divisions. Each of these Divisions are led by a Colonel whom oversees their functions and each has a specific role with the organization:
  • The Operations Division conducts tactical operations in support of ADF mission.
  • The Support Division provides all aspects of logistic support to the ADF to include medical support.
  • The Information Division is responsible for communications and reconnaissance.

The force diagram chart below shows our current organization structure.

Force Structure

At the top of the Command Structure is the Command and Staff.  This consists of the Commander and the Division Colonels. Immediately below that are the Battalions which are run by a Major. Each Battalion contains 4 or 5 companies which are led by a Captain.  In turn each county has a Platoon which is led by a Lieutenant. Noncommissioned Officers and Defensemen serve at all levels.

The map below shows the statewide structure of our force.  Battalions are identified in the heavily bordered areas, Companies are identified by letter and similarly colored counties with each county containing a platoon within that company.

State Org Map

The composite force structure of the Battalions, Companies, and Platoons are listed below:

1st Battalion

Adams Company
1st Platoon: Benton Co.
2nd Platoon: Washington Co.
3rd Platoon: Madison Co.

Boston Company
1st Platoon: Carrol Co.
2nd Platoon: Boone Co.
3rd Platoon: Newton Co.

Concord Company
1st Platoon: Marion Co.
2nd Platoon: Searcy Co.
3rd Platoon: Van Buren Co.

Ghost Company
1st Platoon: Crawford Co.
2nd Platoon: Sebastian Co.
3rd Platoon: Franklin Co.

Hamilton Company
1st Platoon: Johnson Co.
2nd Platoon: Pope Co. 

2nd Battalion

Delaware Company
1st Platoon: Baxter Co.
2nd Platoon: Fulton Co.
3rd Platoon: Izard Co.

Ethan Company
1st Platoon: Sharp Co.
2nd Platoon: Randolph Co.
3rd Platoon: Lawrence Co.

Franklin Company
1st Platoon: Clay Co.
2nd Platoon: Greene Co.
3rd Platoon: Mississippi Co.

Independence Company
1st Platoon: Stone Co.
2nd Platoon: Cleburne Co.
3rd Platoon: Independence Co.

Jefferson Company
1st Platoon: Jackson Co.
2nd Platoon: Craighead Co.
3rd Platoon: Poinsett Co.

3rd Battalion

Kilroy Company
1st Platoon: Logan Co.
2nd Platoon: Scott Co.
3rd Platoon: Yell Co.

Liberty Company
1st Platoon: Conway Co.
2nd Platoon: Perry Co.

Patriot company
1st Platoon: Polk Co.
2nd Platoon: Montgomery Co.
3rd Platoon: Garland Co.

Zulu Company
1st Platoon: Saline Co.
2nd Platoon: Pulaski Co.
3rd Platoon: Faulkner Co.

4th Battalion

Madison Company
1st Platoon: Lonoke Co.
2nd Platoon: White Co.

New England Company
1st Platoon: Prairie Co.
2nd Platoon: Woodruff Co.

Opportunity Company
1st Platoon: Cross Co.
2nd Platoon: St. Francis Co.
3rd Platoon: Crittenden Co.

Quebec Company
1st Platoon: Monroe Co.
2nd Platoon: Lee Co.
3rd Platoon: Phillips Co.

5th Battalion

Revolution Company
1st Platoon: Little River Co.
2nd Platoon: Sevier Co.
3rd Platoon: Howard Co.

Sons of Liberty Company
1st Platoon: Pike Co.
2nd Platoon: Hempstead Co.
3rd Platoon: Nevada Co.

Tea Company
1st Platoon: Hot Spring Co.
2nd Platoon: Clark Co.
3rd Platoon: Dallas Co.

Washington Company
1st Platoon: Miller Co.
2nd Platoon: Lafayette Co.
3rd Platoon: Columbia Co.

X-Ray Company
1st Platoon: Ouachita Co.
2nd Platoon: Calhoun Co.
3rd Platoon: Union Co.

6th Battalion

Union Company
1st Platoon: Grant Co.
2nd Platoon: Jefferson Co.
3rd Platoon: Cleveland Co.

Vermont Company
2nd Platoon: Lincoln Co.
3rd Platoon: Desha Co.

Yankee Company
1st Platoon: Bradley Co.
2nd Platoon: Drew Co.
3rd Platoon: Ashley Co
4th Platoon: Chicot Co.

To understand what unit you would be in you determine your county of residence and that will tell you what Platoon, Company, and Battalion you are in. As an example if you're a Defensemen in Grant County your unit would be 1/U/6 - 1st Platoon, Union Company, 6th Battalion.

 The cornerstone of the Arkansas Defense Force is the individual Defensemen; always ready, willing, and able.