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Important Notice: If you submit your application and you do not hear from us within 7 days, please call 501-413-7243 and state so. It has come to our attention that some applications are processed but somehow do not make it to the database that we use for processing new recruits. We can manually enter in your data if need be.

Please also note that if an error occurrs when you submit you are probably entered into the Queue. You can go to and verify that your username is listed as being in the Queue in the division you've specified. If you don't see your name, then go back and redo with a different name. If you still manage to have multiple applications you will receive an email that the additional requests have been denied and your original application will be processed. We apologize for both of these, but it's a fault with the server on our web host.

Section I - Personal Information
(Disclaimer: All information contained in this application exists only for the life of the application and once final approval or declined is executed, all data is erased from the server and no backups are made. Only the Username, Email, City and Phone information are transferred to the membership system that is secured from public access. Personal information of ADF members and applicants are protected under the bylaws of the ADF and will not be shared with any other party.)

Please note that occasionally an error screen will occur when you submit your application. This is a fault of our hosting service not the application. Although it will give you the impression that your application was not recorded it actually is. If you do not see your username listed in the page, then you should resubmit your application with a different username.

Desired Username   
Desired Password

 Best time to call (Note: leaving blank indicates anytime.)
(A valid and working phone is required. Please double check the number. Any application with an invalid phone number will be declined.)

(Please use an address you check frequently and you must respond quickly if contacted.)

(Note: If a spouse wants a separate account they will need a different email address)

I certify I am a resident of the State of Arkansas and a US Citizen or legal resident actively seeking citizenship:
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I am A:
(choose all that apply)
Law Enforcement Officer (past or present)
Medical Professional
Licensed Amateur Radio Operator  Call sign
Civilian Only
(Please note active duty military, reserves or Arkansas Guard, etc. cannot join due to Article 10)

Section II - Involvement

Beginning of Section 4 of the ADF Bylaws: Membership in the Arkansas Defense Force shall be open to any citizen of Arkansas over the age of 17 regardless of sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, physical characteristics or national origin. Membership is voluntary, and will last until the member withdraws or is dismissed by proper authority in accordance with these Bylaws. Individuals currently serving as Active Duty, National Guard, or Reserves of such are ineligible for membership in accordance with federal and state law. Individuals whom have a conviction that would legally preclude their ability to own and utilize arms shall not be assigned to elements within the organization which require that activity. All Defense Force members will be required to provide information about his/her self in order to best utilize their experience and background. Information provided will be kept confidential and will be used only for the functioning of the Defense Force. All Defense Force members understand and agree that any and all injuries, whether minor or severe, including death, are not a responsibility of the Defense Force and no lawsuits or claims can be levied against the Defense Force, either by the member or the members family, or to any landowner (if applicable) where the injury or death took place. Members who serve in the Operations Division shall be free from permanent disability which precludes their effective training and employment as a member of that Division.

I am:  
Involved actively in a similiar group like the ADF
Not involved actively in a similiar group like the ADF

The ADF is made up of three divisions: Operations, Support and Information. Operations is tactical mission oriented and has physical condition requirements. Support is logistics for the entire unit and communities including but not limited to transportation, storage, prepping, medical, construction, food and water preparation and community relations. Information deals with intelligence gathering, law enforcement relations, communications and computers/web/applications. More information can be found at our main website here.

I am primarily interested in:
(choose one)
Operations Division
Support Division
Information Division

I also have skills useful to:
(choose all that apply)
Operations Division
Support Division
Information Division

Section III - Final Things

Do you actively pursue activities which would deny a person their pursuit of personal beliefs in regards to race, religion, etc?
     Yes    No

Have you ever been convited of a felony or violent crime?
     Yes    No

Would you participate in any offensive activity alone or in a group in order to 'get things started?' In other words, are you a 'lone wolf?'
     Yes    No

I cerify that I have read and agree with the bylaws and the code of conduct.

Enter any additional comments you would like to make. List particular skills, experience or items you wish to learn about.

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